Salon-quality shampoos and conditioners. No plastic. No sulfates either. Just beautiful hair.

Save the world and look good doing it.

You want a plastic-free planet. But you also want nice hair. Why should that be either/or?

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So, what do you think of HiBAR?

"I shared HiBAR with clients at my holistic hair salon. They're very picky about purity and performance and HiBAR is a hit!"

Lisa M.

"Is it so wrong that I use this as a hair AND body product? I love how your Clarifying bar works on my hair (handsome!) so much that I just keep going, all over."

Tom W.

"Truly great shampoo with NO PLASTIC! It gets a nice frothy lather, it's easy to use and to travel with. My hair feels great."

Angie C.

"I travel a lot and hate the TSA thing with liquids. AND I hate random hotel shampoos. Your bars get me through security fast, and I can rely on them to get me looking good for meetings."

Michael K.

"I have over-processed, bleached and dyed hair but HiBAR makes it feel awesome. My stylist is impressed."

Amy S.

"I'm trying hard to cut down on plastic. So I've tried a lot of solid shampoos, and in terms of performance, feel, design, everything, this one definitely raises the game."

Max J.

"I've tried $$$ salon products for my daughter, but they dry out her fine red hair. Your Volumizing bars have turned that red mist into beautiful copper ringlets. We love it."

Rona H.