Salon-quality shampoos and conditioners. No plastic. No sulfates either. Just beautiful hair.

Save the world and look good doing it.

You want a plastic-free planet. But you also want nice hair. Why should that be either/or?

Which HiBAR is right for me?

Clarifying Bars.
For normal hair or oily hair, or to remove product build-up.

Moisturizing Bars.
For thicker hair, or dry hair, or if you wash more frequently.

Volumizing Bars.
For thin, fine or lifeless hair, or to add more body or definition.

So, what do you think of HiBAR?

"I shared HiBAR with clients at my holistic hair salon. They're very picky about purity and performance and HiBAR is a hit!"

Lisa M.

"Is it so wrong that I use this as a hair AND body product? I love how your Clarifying bar works on my hair (handsome!) so much that I just keep going, all over."

Tom W.

"Truly great shampoo with NO PLASTIC! It gets a nice frothy lather, it's easy to use and to travel with. My hair feels great."

Angie C.

"I travel a lot and hate the TSA thing with liquids. AND I hate random hotel shampoos. Your bars get me through security fast, and I can rely on them to get me looking good for meetings."

Michael K.

"I have over-processed, bleached and dyed hair but HiBAR makes it feel awesome. My stylist is impressed."

Amy S.

"I'm trying hard to cut down on plastic. So I've tried a lot of solid shampoos, and in terms of performance, feel, design, everything, this one definitely raises the game."

Max J.

"I've tried $$$ salon products for my daughter, but they dry out her fine red hair. Your Volumizing bars have turned that red mist into beautiful copper ringlets. We love it."

Rona H.