5 Reasons Why Shampoo Bars Are Better Than Liquids.

5 Reasons Why Shampoo Bars Are Better Than Liquids.

No doubt, liquid shampoos have enjoyed a long, successful run since they began showing up on drug store shelves in the 1930’s. But if you listen closely, that ticking sound is time running out on bottles as solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars have been growing in popularity. Like salon-quality HiBAR Solid Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars!


What makes HiBAR Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars better? Thought you’d never ask. 


1. Natural ingredients make for healthier, happier hair.

Unlike most liquid shampoos and conditioners, HiBAR is made without harsh chemicals that can strip hair of its natural oils. Instead, HiBAR’s natural solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars with plant-based oils, butters and essential oils provide deep hydration, improve hair texture, and promote a healthy scalp.


2. Gentle and effective cleansing action.

All HiBAR Solid Shampoo Bars are pH-balanced to match the natural pH of your scalp. The gentle yet effective cleansing action prevents dryness and brittleness, reduces the risk of irritation, and helps maintain overall scalp health. Whichever targeted HiBAR Solid Shampoo bar formulation you choose, the rich, creamy lather will thoroughly cleanse without stripping away essential moisture.


3. Concentrated HiBAR formulas do more, cost less.

Unlike watered-down liquid shampoo (typically about 80% water!), HiBAR solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars are concentrated. And because each individual ingredient is undiluted, you can use less—and expect much more. The budget-friendly result is that one single HiBAR solid shampoo bar or solid conditioner bar will replace two to three bottles of liquid.


4. Ready to go whenever, wherever you go. 

Another standout benefits of HiBAR’s solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars is their portability. Unlike bulky bottles that can easily spill or leak, HiBAR solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars are compact and travel-friendly. Whether you’re headed around the world—or to the gym—your HiBAR haircare is always ready to come along.


5. HiBAR leaves virtually no environmental foot-print.

Liquid shampoos and conditioners require plastic or glass bottles. And those bottles will last for generations in the landfill. HiBAR’s plant-based solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars are packaged in plastic-free, 100% recyclable cardboard and paper.


Oh, and did we say all HiBAR concentrated, waterless, salon-quality formulas are not only plastic-free—they’re soap-free, 100% vegan, Leaping Bunny certified (no cruelty), Curly Girl friendly, with no harsh saponified oils, dyes, keratin sulfates, parabens or silicone…and, of course, TSA approved?


Hmm, what else is there to say?…except, here’s to your happy, healthy hair and soon to be plastic-free bathroom!


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