One day, four friends realized they were all thinking the same thing: plastic sucks.

The catalyst was visiting a plastic-strewn beach. It left us angry and wanting to eliminate plastic from our own lives. One thing we had a hard time with was hair care. Why no salon-quality plastic-free shampoo or conditioner? After all, in the USA, half a billion shampoo and conditioner bottles get tossed every year.

Three years of formulation later, we launched HiBAR. Salon-quality performance and experience, natural ingredients, and, of course, beautiful plastic-free packaging.

Inspired by the shoreline.

We didn’t want our bars to look like soap. (Because, they’re not.) And we wanted them to be visually striking.

Again, nature was our muse. On the North Shore of Lake Superior, we found some river rocks and realized that they held the answer. Smooth, connected to water, and when you pick up that perfect rock, it just feels right.

(Not to mention, the shape is a joy to hold, saves space in the shower, and sheds moisture quickly.)

Ingredient fusspots.

We’re super picky about the products we bring into our lives, which pretty much dictates what we put into everything we make.

It isn’t always easy, finding safe, quality, sustainable ingredients that also work. But that’s what we think it will take to get more people to abandon plastic.

To spell it out, we mean no soaps, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or parabens. And absolutely no cruelty.

Plastic-free packaging for the win.

Our packaging is plastic-free, of course, and either compostable or easily recyclable or both.

Even our shipping packaging is 100% plastic-free. So, no bubble wrap, and no plastic tape either.

And we'll keep looking for ways to cut back on even that. Our whole reason for existing is to use as little as possible, while still providing a salon-quality product.

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