Red haired woman shaking her hair after using HiBAR.

Save the planet, And look good doing it.

Oh, so you want to look and feel your best AND you want a nice, plastic-free world to live in? Sounds reasonable to us.

It turns out that salon-quality hair care doesn’t have to come in plastic bottles. We’ve taken high-end ingredients and simply removed the water. Ta-da! No need for the plastic junk.

So far, our customers have removed the equivalent of 4 million plastic bottles and counting from the ocean, just by switching to HiBAR.

Which ones does what?

All our samplers are color-safe, pH balanced, Leaping Bunny certified, and formulated for specific hair types and needs.

Maintain Shampoo and Maintain Conditioner

The little green sample bars are our go-to, everyday formulas, really good for straight or wavy hair, or if you wash your hair less frequently. They have honeyquat and shea butter for a bit of extra shine.

Moisturize Shampoo and Moisturize Conditioner

These blue samplers are our hydration dream team. Great for thicker or dryer hair. The coconut oil and rice protein give extra hydration and nourishment. 

Volumize Shampoo and Volumize Conditioner 

Our orange-colored samplers are for thin, fine or lifeless hair. We added fermented African dates and B5 for frizz control, and to add body and definition.

  • graphic showing the size of a sampler bar in hand.

    How to hold.

    Cup the bar in your palm, rest the long edge against your fingers. Use your fingertips to guide the beveled top through your hair.

  • Graphic showing how to apply shampoo sampler to your hair.

    How to lather.

    Apply the bar directly to your very wet hair, massaging into your scalp and roots until you feel a lather. Rinse thoroughly.

  • graphic showing how to apply sampler conditioner bar into hair

    How to condition.

    Apply directly to your very wet hair, focusing on the mids and ends, until you feel a light slip between your fingertips and your hair. Soap for a couple of minutes, then rinse.

  • graphic showing how to store sampler bar on shower lift to keep it dry.

    How to store.

    The same way you’d store a bar soap in your shower – dry, away from direct water. HiBAR is designed to sit upright, helping it shed any moisture.

A collage of HiBAR users holding their HiBAR product at home.

You like? Then come join us.

If you love your first try of HiBAR, we have so much more for you.

Our full size bars last and last.

We have additional formulas for textured hair and for touchy scalps.

And we have a line of amazing, plastic-free, soap-free facial cleansers and natural deodorant.

Not to mention discounts for bundled orders and subscriptions.