Face Wash bar family - Cleanse, Hydrate and Renew with packaging

Maybe the loveliest face wash and facial cleansers ever.

Until now, you had to buy a bunch of plastic to get a face wash this good.

But HiBAR has figured out how to put an amino acid wash into an elegant solid bar form.

No harsh soap or detergent to unbalance and dry out your skin. No fragrances to get in the way. Just clean, dewy, fresher skin, without the plastic junk.

Woman holding face wash bar near skin to show size of bar

The magic of amino acids.

With twelve different amino acids, our face wash and face cleanser bars are pH balanced to work in harmony with your skin.

They accomplish the seemingly impossible: removing dirt, grime, and dead cells while still keeping your skin’s natural moisture barrier intact.

And as if that’s not enough, they go on to encourage the development of new skin cells.

Face wash bar packaging and colors

A face wash bar for your skin’s every mood.

Facial skin experiences a lot. So we’ve formulated three different bars, each with specific benefits.

Cleanse has the most cleaning agents, but it’s still pH balanced and gentle enough for daily use.

With Hydrate, we reduced the lathering ingredients and added super-moisturizing olive squalane.

And Renew combines amino acids and olive seed powder to provide a feather-light exfoliation.

three face wash bars next to each other

A shape as gorgeous as its function.

The unique design fits comfortably - even joyfully – in the palm of your hand, so you can rub the bar between your hands to work up a little cream or lather.

And when you’re done, the shape stands upright, allowing for the maximum amount of drying between uses, prolonging the life of the bar.

Plus, it just looks really elegant. Our biased opinion.

A whole new way to remove makeup.

Our Solid Oil Cleanser bar is made with a blend of natural face-loving ingredients like jojoba oil, turmeric root extract, hyaluronic acid and blue tansy oil to gently melt away makeup, oil, and dirt.

Lighter than balms. No messy oils. No dilution with water. And it won’t over-dry like wipes. Could this be the perfect makeup remover?

Use it alone or as a two-step with HiBAR Face Wash. It can even be left on your face for 10 minutes as a deeply hydrating mask. 

plastic is bad

Face wash beauty without the ugly.

The beauty industry is responsible for billions of discarded, unrecycled plastic bottles every year in the US alone.

We’re out to fix that, by redesigning commonly used products to be beautiful, effective and plastic-free.

We’ve already proven you don’t need plastic to enjoy a great shampoo or conditioner. And now we’re taking aim at skin care.