deodorant bars standing on each other with the caps visible

Introducing HiBAR Plastic-Free Deodorant.

Body odor or a better planet? Of course, you shouldn’t have to choose. That’s why we came up with HiBAR Plastic-Free Deodorant. Not only does it give you 100% natural, all-day protection—it also rids the world of those familiar, out-dated plastic dispensers. So you’re left feeling as good as you smell.  

woman holding deodorant bar

Spa-worthy with none of the bad stuff.

HiBAR Deodorants are formulated to be as safe and gentle on your skin as they are for the planet. That means the same premium ingredients you find in high-end deodorants—but no aluminum, no sulfates, no phthalates, no parabens, and no cruelty, ever. Oh, and did we mention no plastic?

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HiBAR plastic-free deodorant is offered in a multitude of unique fragrances: Fresh Rain + Cucumber, Bergamot + Cedar, and Lavender + Jasmine. And for extra sensitive skin, our baking soda-free Sensitive Formula comes in Aloe + Sea Moss, Pink Iris + Neroli, and Unscented Fragrance-Free. Ahh, the sweet smell of a plastic-free planet!

closeup of the lavender and jasmine deodorant bar

A plastic-free planet in the palm of your hand.

Those old fashioned plastic deodorant tubes practically require an engineering degree to disassemble for recycling. HiBAR plastic-free Deodorant, on the other hand, comes in uniquely-designed, easy-to-use cardboard tubes. When they’re empty, they go right in the recycling bin. Oh, and did we say ours are prettier to look at? OK, so we’re a little biased.

person picking up a plastic bottle of the beach

HiBAR means beauty on a mission.

The average U.S. consumer goes through eight plastic deodorant dispensers every year. We did the math, and in the U.S. alone, that’s 1.3 BILLION plastic dispensers! And with less than 7% of the plastic that goes in the recycling bin actually winding up recycled, that adds up to a global crisis.

But we’re here to make a plastic-free difference. So you can step out of the bathroom and into the day smelling good, feeling good—and knowing that you’re doing good.