Is our solid cleansing oil bar  better than liquids?

Is our solid cleansing oil bar better than liquids?

Let’s count the ways. No doubt liquid cleansing oils were first on the scene. What makes our HiBAR Clean bars even better? Thanks for asking!


Easily melts away makeup, sunscreen, oil and dirt. 

HiBAR’s new Oil Cleanser is rich in gentle emollients that effortlessly break down makeup and grime. It not only deep cleans, it softens and hydrates without leaving a greasy residue behind.


Bye bye messy spills. 

HiBAR’s new Oil Cleanser stays solid at room temperature. But when it’s time to go to work, it melts on contact with the warmth of your skin. Just run the bar over your face—and gently message to loosen and wipe away even waterproof makeup. You can even use the handy beveled edge to get to hard-to-reach areas like around the eyes for removing eye makeup.


Safe and longer lasting. 

HiBAR’s natural, plant-based ingredients are suitable for all skin types—even extra sensitive skin. And because HiBAR is applied directly to the face, there’s virtually no waste. What’s more, no water means less risk of contamination—so bars stay stable and effective longer. Long lasting? HiBAR Solid Oil Cleansing bar lasts as long as two big bottles of liquid oil cleanser.


Ready to go where you go. 

One of the standout benefits of HiBAR’s solid cleansing oil bars is their portability. Unlike liquid oils, which can spill or leak during travel, our solid bars are compact, travel-friendly, and easy to use on the go. There’s no need for a separate pump or dispenser, so it’s ideal for travel or gym bags.


Too much of a good thing? Never. 

For a relaxing, rejuvenating, spa-like moisturizing treatment, occasionally leave HiBAR Cleansing Oil on your face for 10 minutes before rinsing. The added exposure to the bar’s nourishing properties will leave your skin feeling even softer, smoother, and more radiant.


Happy face, happy planet. 

Unlike liquid oils that are typically packaged in bottles, all HiBAR packaging is plastic-free and 100% recyclable. By choosing HiBAR’s plant-based solid cleansing oil bars you’re not only loving your face, you’re eliminating a single-use plastic container—and supporting renewable sourcing.


Whether used alone, or as part of a two-step method along with face wash, HiBAR’s cleansing oil gently and effectively dissolves makeup, sunscreen and other impurities—while at the same time (deep breath)…preventing messy spills, applying easier, lasting longer, traveling better, nourishing more, and eliminating single-use plastic bottles.


Uh-huh, time to say bye-bye to traditional liquid cleaning oils, and hello to HiBAR.

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