Overlanding: Find Your Destination, Travel Light & Enjoy the Journey

Overlanding: Find Your Destination, Travel Light & Enjoy the Journey

A photo essay on traveling light, by Bartek Kolaczkowski

As the world continues to change, we appreciate more independence and freedom in our daily lives. And this also applies to travel. Nowadays camping life is experiencing a renaissance. It is a great way to disconnect from everyday life and re-connect with nature.

If you prefer more remote places, give overlanding a try. Overlanding is a way of traveling where the journey is a principal goal. As a photographer, I appreciate this kind of traveling. I’m able to catch the best moments of the day with my camera, from sunrise to sunset. Overlanding can be a road trip across Europe, or just a way to discover local places in your own neck of the woods.

With overlanding, when the feeling hits, you can always stop, open your rooftop tent and enjoy the moment whever you are. One of my favorite experiences is arriving at night, not sure of what to expect the next morning. Waking up next to a peaceful, pristine lake is a beautiful experience.

Being in nature has taught me a lot about the precious gift that is our planet. One way I live out this lesson is by using products with plastic-free packaging. I also use only Earth-friendly products with safe, sustainable ingredients. That's why for me HiBAR solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars are a perfect fit. They're super compact, made with environmentally-friendly ingredients, and keep me in harmony with nature (and looking good just in case I run into other fellow-overlanders!)

So pack your bags and go to explore!

*Note from HiBAR: as with any kind of washing product like soap or shampoo, always use away from bodies of water: lakes, creeks, rivers etc.

About the author
Bartek Kolaczkowski is a photographer, content creator and traveler, based in Warsaw, Poland. To see more of his work, visit bkolaczkowski.com

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