How much water are you buying with bottled shampoo?

How much water are you buying with bottled shampoo?

Remember asking for directions? Memorizing phone numbers? How about smoking indoors, dyed toilet paper,  knives on airplanes, or riding in the back of a pick-up truck? Sometimes, the way we’ve always done things doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way. Shampoo is a good example. 



Back before 1930, daily hygiene looked very different from today. Hair washing and styling was rarely done at home and was done with a soap bar made of harsh, scalp-irritating ingredients.  Hair care was limited to weekly or monthly visits to the barber or beauty shop. Women would have their hair “set.”  Then an inventor named Edward J. Breck came up with liquid bottled shampoo. Soon access to an in-home supply of hot water started to become possible, which made it very convenient to wash hair at home. Hair washing routines began to change with more and more people washing their hair themselves.  Consumers became more interested in how hair smelled, looked and felt, and more and more brands with different claims entered the marketplace, and “frequent use” shampoos became the norm.



An average traditional bottled shampoo/conditioner has 20% shampoo ingredients with the rest (80%) being water. Whaaat?? That's only 2.4 oz of actual shampoo in that 12 oz shampoo bottle!  The water is filler and serves only to liquify and disperse ingredients. Remember, Shampoo and Conditioner was designed before running water in your shower was a well-known thing.  But these days, with a shower in most every house, this format doesn’t make as much sense. You’re paying for something that’s already in your shower, not to mention that water is heavy and harmful to the planet to ship.   



HiBAR is made without water.  HiBAR is 100% made of those 20% hair-loving shampoo ingredients found in traditional bottled products, with no fillers. It's concentrated, meaning that you use less product, and it lasts much longer than its bottled counterparts (one HiBAR will last for at least TWO of those plastic bottles of shampoo).  HiBAR is also BETTER for your hair.  By applying the product directly to hair, it easily penetrates the hair shaft, filling in and leaving hair shiny, soft and manageable. Every day becomes a good hair day. Not to mention that it’s better for the planet.


Solid shampoo bars can save a precious resource (water), eliminates plastic waste, reduces the carbon footprint in transportation, and starts your day off right, knowing that you’ve made a better choice for your hair, and for the planet!

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