Hello Vegan Certification

Hello Vegan Certification

It’s no secret that HiBAR Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars have been plastic-free from day one. But perhaps not so well-known is that we’re also committed to formulate without animal testing, and when possible, without animal-derived ingredients.

That said, we were delighted back when the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) recognized our shampoo bars and conditioner bars with their Leaping Bunny Certification—meaning products free of animal testing at all stages of development.  

And now, we’re equally grateful that the international Vegan Society has just awarded us Vegan Certification for our commitment to create and produce formulas with no animal products or by-products.  This means that (almost) all of our shampoo bars and conditioner bars, and our face wash bars and plastic-free deodorant are 100% certified vegan.  Why almost?  Our Maintain Shampoo Bars and Maintain Conditioner Bars contain an ingredient called honeyquat, which is derived from honey. 

Sure, it’s nice to be recognized. But more than anything, we’re proud to be serving people like you who’ve chosen to take an eco-friendly, humane and plant-based approach to personal care. Thanks to you, and non-profits like the CCIC and The Vegan Society, the word is spreading—and more and more consumers are seeking out brands that prioritize environmental responsibility, compassion for animals, and health-conscious practices.

OK, time to get off our soap box—er, shampoo bar—and get back on the path to plastic-free, animal-free and cruelty-free bathrooms.

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