Hair today, gone tomorrow? Not so fast.

Hair today, gone tomorrow? Not so fast.

Starting to see signs of hair loss? It’s time to think twice about your hair care products. Uh-huh, they really can make a difference.


Take shampoo, for example. It’s not a cure-all, but quality formulations like HiBAR Solid Shampoo Bars gently cleanse both hair and scalp. And a clean scalp is essential for healthy hair growth. Otherwise, excessive oil, dirt and product buildup can clog your hair follicles—and lead to hair loss.


End of story? We’re just getting started. Check the ingredient list for vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish the scalp and help promote hair growth. For example, the HiBAR Moisturize Formula solid shampoo bar is infused with rice protein and amino acids to help fortify your hair and reduce breakage and split ends.


Take the time to lather up and massage the moisturizing shampoo ingredients into your scalp. The action stimulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth by ensuring a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. 


Finally, don’t take dandruff lightly. A dry, itchy scalp can make hair loss worse. But a specially formulated shampoo bar like HiBAR Soothe Formula can help minimize itching and flaking.


Obviously, choosing the right shampoo for your hair alone won’t eliminate hair loss. But the importance of shampoo’s contribution to hair and scalp health is undeniable. Quality shampoo not only cleans, it promotes scalp health, strengthens hair strands, and improves circulation. Along with a balanced diet and good hair care practices, it really does make a difference.

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