Don’t get your dander up!

Don’t get your dander up!

These days it seems like just about everybody has a chip on their shoulder—but unsightly dandruff? That’s another story. The good news is this one has a happy ending.

Unfortunately, it begins with a dry, flaky scalp that’s not only irritatingly itchy, but downright embarrassing. It’s typically caused by excessive dryness or an imbalance in the scalp’s natural oils. And it results in the shedding of flaky skin cells known as dandruff. 

The answer? Never fear, the cavalry is near. It’s called the HiBAR Soothe Formula Solid Shampoo Bar—and it’s made with gentle, natural willow bark extract and kukui nut oil (don’t worry, you’re not expected to remember that part).

Along with other natural, plant-based ingredients, color-safe HiBAR Soothe Formula reduces irritation, combats dryness and dandruff, and replenishes the scalp’s moisture content. 

Best of all, with regular use HiBAR Soothe Formula Solid Shampoo Bars not only address the visible signs of dry scalp, they promote long-term scalp health, leave hair soft and manageable—and, lest we forget, say goodbye to plastic bottles.

The really happy ending? Go ahead, wear that new black blazer.

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