Curb Your Footprint: A Conversation with Laurie David

Curb Your Footprint: A Conversation with Laurie David

We’re all on our own journey, but our actions have an impact on everything around us. This is especially true when it comes to our planet. As the climate crisis becomes more obvious and present, people are heeding the wake-up call to find ways to make the little changes that add up to big impact – with the help of leaders that inspire and encourage change. Laurie David is one such person.

Laurie David is an environmental activist and author, perhaps best known as one of the producers of An Inconvenient Truth, the 2006 global warming documentary, starring Al Gore, that was one of the first mainstream successes that helped raise awareness about climate change. She has since written multiple books, including her latest, Imagine It! A Handbook for a Happier Planet (spoiler alert, it highlights HiBAR as an option for bottle-less hair care). Each chapter tackles a different climate/sustainability crisis and is full of practical ideas for individual action. We were lucky to connect with Laurie and ask her about what inspired her work.

Please tell us a little bit about your climate action journey. When did it start and what motivated you?

My journey started as a young girl around 10 who was horrified by all the litter everywhere and started yelling at people to stop throwing garbage from their cars! My own mother used to dump cigarette butts from the car ashtray out on the street!

Can you tell us how your commitment to living an eco-friendly lifestyle has affected other parts of your life? What sort of “halo affect” has it created?

I think being eco-friendly is a mindset. Once you connect the dots in one way, you start to connect them for everything. Pretty soon it changes who you are...for the better!

What are the top three things each of us can do to have a positive impact on mitigating the most pressing issues we face today?

First and foremost we have to engage in the political process by helping candidates who make climate a priority, by voting and by encouraging others to vote. On a more personal front it's time for whoever is buying a new car, to say goodbye to the combustion engine and hello to electric. Nothing will bring you more joy, than plugging that baby in! Of course composting is also a feel good activity, and reducing the plastic in your bathroom and kitchen are essentials for a healthy, happy life!

What are a few pearls of wisdom that you can share with younger generations to inspire or motivate them?

I would just remind them that all the small things they do to be better stewards of the planet add up. And being green is actually contagious! So spread the love!

Who, or what, inspires you?

Companies like HiBAR inspire me. It is truly powerful to see so many new companies tackling the environmental issues we are dealing with. When a company has sustainability as part of its mission, that is a company I want to support.

Do you have a favorite HiBAR?

I love and use them all.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with HiBAR fans?

Use your social media for good! post pics of all the great eco friendly products you are discovering and spread the word!

Laurie’s approach is inspiring, hopeful and real. It is full of ideas that will make not only your individual life better, but things for the planet better. You can purchase her book Imagine It! A Handbook for a Happier Planet at your local independent book store. You can also follow Laurie on Twitter at @Laurie_David.

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