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Happy Cyber Monday! Today we're featuring a little store found right here in our home state of Minnesota - Tare Market! Not only can you find awesome sustainable products here, their blog is also full of great resources (like how to reduce your waste in college.) We checked in with Amber for our Q&A, see what she had to say below!

What first got you started with the sustainability/eco-consciousness movement?
I learned that the average American throws about 4.3 pounds of trash EVERY DAY. I thought - I can do better and create less waste and I can help others do better as well!

What is your favorite sustainable swap for the holidays?
My favorite sustainable swap this holiday season is to switch to reusable gift bags instead of wrapping paper for holiday gift giving.

What is one documentary, article, book, or podcast that you'd recommend to someone looking to live more sustainably?
I would recommend watching "WASTED! The Story of Food Waste" documentary.


You can visit in-person (or curbside) at Tare Market's Minnesota location as well as online at thetaremarket.com - happy plastic-free shopping!