Dear HiBAR customer.

There's an outside chance that you may experience some delays or weird tracking glitches in receiving your product over the next couple of weeks. This is due to system changes imposed upon the USPS by new management.

We're hoping you can join us in supporting the USPS with your patience, understanding, and business!

We have relied upon the postal service since the day we started, and we have been blown-away with how inexpensive, reliable, efficient, universal and FAST they have been.

What's more, we've learned that as a method to deliver goods from door-to-door, the postal service is incredibly carbon efficient. That little plastic-free package of HiBAR is essentially hitching a ride with a carrier as they walk past your door every day.

So, though the USPS is having a hard time right now, we intend to continue our support, and hope you can bear with us as we do so.

(Above: An image we made for Instagram early this year. It's almost like we could see into the future.)