shop small

Hello there, plastic-stomper,

As the holiday season kicks off this week, we wanted to do something special for some of our indie brick-and-mortar partners that goes beyond "Shop Small Saturday."

These are some of the businesses that are working at the grass-roots level to bring zero waste, low-waste, and plastic-free options to people all over the country, and are integral in the push to make these options mainstream. 

Without their support, and other small businesses like them, we wouldn't be where we are today...and the movement to reducing single-use plastic wouldn't be what it is.

Thank you to ALL of our partners big and small, and thank you to YOU, dear plastic-stomper, for supporting them, too!

Our shop small 2020 features are:

Wednesday, November 25: Sage Refill Market in Tennessee

Thursday, November 26: BD Provisions in Connecticut

Friday, November 27: Black Rock Refill in Nevada

Saturday, November 28: GoGo Refill in Maine

Sunday, November 29: Koko the Shop in Colorado, Kentucky, and Ohio

Monday, November 30: Tare Market in Minnesota

Tuesday, December 1: Cleenland in Massachusetts

*there are plenty of other small businesses to support, too - check out your state to see where else we're sold!