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sage refill market

Sage Refill Market was started to help make sustainable choices for you and your home easy - without giving up quality or convenience. As part of our "Shop Small" feature, we asked them some of our burning questions in a mini Q & A - check out their answers below!

What first got you started with the sustainability/eco-consciousness movement?
With less than 10% of plastics actually being recycled, we knew we had to make better and more sustainable choices when shopping for products. We can’t recycle our way out of our dependence on plastic, so we have to actually use less plastic in our everyday items.

What is your favorite sustainable swap for the holidays?
One of our all-time favorite, and easy, swaps are Swedish dishcloths. They replace around 17 rolls of paper towels, or sponges, they don’t smell, and you toss in your compost when they have reached the end of their life.

What is one documentary, article, book, or podcast that you'd recommend to someone looking to live more sustainably? is one of the first blogs we were inspired by. She has so many great tips, and is a real expert in how to reduce waste.


Thank you to the team at Sage Refill Market for supporting us AND all the other sustainable brands you carry! YOU can support them by stopping by the next time you're in the Nashville area or by ordering online at