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GoGo Refill is a woman-owned business supporting other woman-owned businesses whenever possible. They're also highly attuned to what their community needs, and how purchases can effect the planet. We spoke to owner Laura Marston to get her tips and tricks on going plastic-free now and during the holidays.

What first got you started with the sustainability/eco-consciousness movement?
For me, it was a New Year's Resolution to never buy a single-use plastic water bottle again. And I haven't. Once I developed habits & behaviors around refusing the single-use water bottle I looked around my home and realized just how much single-use plastic we were using. Ever since then I've been focused on simple swaps & habit shifts to help busy people make less waste.

What is your favorite sustainable swap for the holidays?
Most wrapping paper isn't recyclable, so we look for alternatives. Getting creative with how to wrap gifts with repurposed materials is really fun & rewarding...and it's FREE. We reuse all of the packaging materials that come into the house, and we like to get a little wild with it - so we'll paint or color on sheets of kraft paper that came with a delivery, or we'll wrap with newspapers or paper bags. We like to add a natural element or two like a sprig of pine or a dried orange peel. We'll never buy wrapping paper again!

What is one documentary, article, book, or podcast that you'd recommend to someone looking to live more sustainably?
There's a new podcast called "How to Save a Planet" that I've been devouring. It's both scientific and approachable. Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is one of the hosts, and she's amazing, you should be following her!


You can shop online and in-store at GoGo Refill's Maine location. New to going plastic-free or visiting a bulk store? No problem - check out their first-timer tips at gogorefill.com