Black Rock Refill


Black Rock Refill's stand

Founded by Samantha Romanick and based on the principle "leave no trace," Black Rock Refill encourages the practice of refuse, reuse, and refill every day. We asked Sami our mini Q & A - check out her answers below!

What first got you started with the sustainability/eco-consciousness movement?
I read the book "Zero Waste Home" by Bea Johnson. I found this book at a Spa waiting room, and I remember thinking to myself, "there is such a thing as a zero waste home?" So I bought it and read it and was so amazed by what we can do to eliminate household waste.

So then I started my own journey. There were limited options at the time in Reno, NV, so a couple years later, after acquiring my own set of eco and plastic-free products, I decided to start up Black Rock Refill to offer such products to my local community! I also provide education to my community by presenting at local events and posting videos to instagram. I found that many people don't understand the importance of switching to reusing and refilling, and going plastic free, so after I present this importance and ease of switching to them, they are more likely to purchase these types of products and are more inspired to start their own journey to reducing their waste!

What is your favorite sustainable swap for the holidays?
Zero Waste gift wrapping. My last IGTV on my instagram I made a video on zero waste gift wrapping!

What is one documentary, article, book, or podcast that you'd recommend to someone looking to live more sustainably?
Other than "Zero Waste Home," I would recommend watching the documentary "The Story of Plastic."


Black Rock Refill's products can be found at the Riverside Farmer's Market (pictured above). Resources on reducing your plastic use, the five "R's" and microplastics can also be found on their website at