Our top-selling hydration hero.

"The best conditioner I’ve ever used and the stuff I was using before was super expensive. Leaves my hair so shiny and soft."
- Kelly S

When you’re looking for a bit of oomph, or to control frizz and flyaway.

"I have tried SO MANY shampoo and conditioner bars, this one is by far the best."
- Jordan S

Our go-to everyday conditioner bar.

"The Maintain conditioner is a real gem - I can tell that it will last forever and my hair feels better than it has since I switched to bar shampoo/conditioners."
- Amelia D.

TLC for touchy scalps, and nice and gentle on your hair, too.

"I'm LOVING this!"
- Shauna K

All the hydrating goodness of our regular Moisturize conditioner bar, but without the added essential oil fragrance.

Which HiBAR is right for me?

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